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Action man

Passion for martial arts sees former Hong Kong financier launch a film studio and produce popular Ip Man movies.

20 November, 2017

Mover and shaper

Chinese cofounder of an innovative platform for design and marketing services links young talent with corporate clients.

14 November, 2017

A warrior’s tale

Thai financier chooses martial arts over Wall Street career to set up pan-Asian sports media company.

06 November, 2017

Last laugh for a true women’s ‘warrior’

Susan Stautberg is celebrating a triumphant 16 years fighting to lift the rights of women in boardrooms around the world. She tells Duan Ting her job will not stop there as she passes the baton to her successor.

24 November, 2017

Linking up the world and here’s HK

The country’s economic miracle has been a godsend to HK, says JPMorgan Chase executive Jing Ulrich. She tells Duan Ting the SAR’s role in two of the nation’s most ambitious projects is a blessing that’s hard to ignore.

10 November, 2017

Peak branding — it’s all on face value

In brand building, creativity and face-to-face encounters with customers are the hallmarks of exhibitions promoter Lawrence Chia. He tells Lin Wenjie this is an effective way of lifting market awareness and customer loyalty.

03 November, 2017


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