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Pelosi's provocations: Efforts to destabilize China lead nowhere

Grenville Cross says US House speaker shows herself to be a selfish ideologue bent on mischief-making.

12 August, 2022

Hong Kong, Taiwan are both victims of US’ geopolitical strategy

Tu Haiming says counterproductive subversive activities are means for Washington to try to contain China’s rise.

12 August, 2022

Hong Kong doesn’t need sermons from a ‘failed state’

Richard Cullen says complaints cannot be considered from a US now dominated by a resentful view of the future.

13 July, 2022

US being 'forced' into 'strategic clarity'?

Lau Siu-kai says the country's response to new political reality will hopefully be one that preserves world peace.

14 August, 2022

Two farcical cases belie the superiority of Western-style democracy

Tony Kwok says ‘one person, one vote’ mantra is a popularity contest that does not produce an efficient governance system.

27 July, 2022

‘One country, two systems’ is essential part of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Xiao Ping says capitalism will be allowed to exist in HK as long as it contributes to national development.

11 August, 2022

MPF account holders need protection from unbearable risks

Ho Lok-sang says govt intervention can ensure that members’ assets continue to grow in real terms.

09 August, 2022


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