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Comet set to light up city

Grand theater reaches milestone as it prepares to debut its own version of famous musical.

December 02, 2023

Off to a galloping start

Xinjiang director's debut feature enjoys immediate recognition and is testament to the perseverance he's shown in chasing his hopes and dreams.

December 02, 2023

Ding Yanyong's ink paintings blend East and West

Ding Yanyong's 1974 masterpiece "Yue Yue He Pond" will be auctioned in Singapore early next year.

December 01, 2023

Bench worker turned writer who blossomed into a painter

Jin Yucheng, best known for his novel Blossoms, is showing off his creativity in another field — visual art — with a solo exhibition at the Bund One Art Museum.

December 01, 2023