Published: 17:37, June 8, 2023 | Updated: 18:05, June 8, 2023
'The greatest levitator'
By Wang Zhan

Hong Kong artist Angela Su’s Lauren O—The Greatest Levitator in the Polyhedric Cosmos of Time will open on Friday at the M+ museum. 

In the wild imaginative world of Su, Lauren O is a legendary levitator who played an instrumental role in the 1960s anti-war movement in the US.  

“I am thrilled to present at M+ a study of the enigmatic and multifaceted figure that is Lauren O, following the presentation in Venice in 2022. Through the exhibition, I hope to invite visitors to explore Lauren O’s fascinating mind and imaginative world,” said Su who represented Hong Kong at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. 

The exhibition will run through Oct 8 in the Cissy Pui-Lai Pao and Shinichiro Watari Galleries at M+.

China Daily's Calvin Ng took the photos during a media tour on Thursday.