Published: 10:25, December 1, 2022 | Updated: 10:25, December 1, 2022
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Trader offers taste of Nepal at Shanghai expo
By ​Zhu Xingxin in Shanghai and Chen Liang

With his sales better than ever at this year's CIIE, plans for next year's booth already made

Shankar Koirala (left) shows a Nepali scarf to a visitor at the Fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai on Nov 6. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

The Fifth China International Import Expo, which was held from Nov 5 to 10 in Shanghai, was the first major event after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October. It was attended by representatives from 145 countries, regions and international organizations.

Shankar Koirala, a 29-year-old businessman from Nepal, was on his third expo visit. This year, he brought a variety of Nepali goods to sell, including scarves, thangka paintings and handmade bags, and his booth drew a number of visitors.

Koirala said that he had increased the size of his booth from 9 square meters last year to 36 square meters this year. As a result, his trading company's sales were much better.

Koirala (right) introduces thangka paintings to visitors during the expo on Nov 5. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

Koirala first came to Shanghai to participate in the CIIE in 2020 and has remained in the city since.

"I want to develop a market for Nepali goods in China," he said.

"I think that staying here will give me a better chance."

Previously, he ran a souvenir store at a tourist spot in Nepal. Through talking to Chinese tourists, he's able to speak fluent Mandarin.

During Shanghai's monthslong COVID-19 outbreak in April, Koirala volunteered with his local community, helping deliver daily necessities to residents. He said that the expo has demonstrated the enthusiasm people have for Nepali goods, and he has already booked a booth for the event next year.

Koirala shows a Chinese visitor how to use the singing bowl on Nov 5. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

Koirala (left) introduces his goods to a visitor on Nov 5. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

Koirala (right) and a community worker transport daily necessities at a community in Shanghai's Xuhui district on April 15. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

Koirala volunteers to join in the city's fight against COVID-19 in April. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

He delivers a bag of food to a resident at a community in Shanghai's Xuhui district on April 15. (ZHU XINGXIN / CHINA DAILY)

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