Published: 14:24, August 11, 2022 | Updated: 22:50, August 11, 2022
China-related contents in France-Japan talks condemned
By Xinhua

This photo taken from the official Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy in France shows the building of the embassy in Paris.

PARIS - A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in France has firmly opposed and strongly condemned the negative contents related to China in a recent telephone conversation between the French and Japanese foreign ministers.

On Monday, a French foreign ministry issued a statement about the phone talks, which contained contents related to the military exercises China conducted around the Taiwan region in recent days.

France has a duty to discern right from wrong, instead of calling black white, and making groundless accusations against China, said spoeksperson for the Chinese Embassy in France

When asked for comments, the spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in France said Monday that in defiance of the facts, the above-mentioned remarks are groundless accusations against China, adding that "We strongly oppose and condemn them."

China and Japan have yet to carry out maritime delimitation in relevant waters, how could areas there be called "Japan's exclusive economic zone?" the spokesperson questioned.

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Pointing out that Taiwan is part of China's territory, the spokesperson said China has conducted normal military exercises and training activities in waters off its own territory, adding that those exercises and activities are open, transparent and professional, and are in line with China's domestic law, international law and established international practices.

France and Japan should not confuse or mislead the public on this issue, the spokesperson added.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, in disregard of China's resolute opposition and repeated representations, insisted on visiting China's Taiwan region with no regard that the move would undermine China-US relations, endanger the lives of the 23 million people in Taiwan, and sacrifice the hard-won peace and prosperity in Asia-Pacific, the spokesperson noted.

It was the United States that staged the provocation first, and China has to respond with countermeasures, the spokesperson said.

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Defending sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as conducting military exercises are China's sovereign rights, the spokesperson said, noting that China's position is legitimate, reasonable and lawful, and the measures it has taken are resolute, strong and proportionate.

As a major country with a tradition of independence, France has a duty to discern right from wrong, instead of calling black white, and making groundless accusations against China. If it really wants to preserve regional peace and stability, it should direct its criticism at the United States, who launched the provocation, said the spokesperson.

Noting that the French side has repeatedly reaffirmed its respect for the one-China principle, the spokesperson said the Chinese side hopes Paris can stick to the right position, put this commitment into real actions, support China's actions to defend the one-China principle, and earnestly restrain the words and deeds that undermine the one-China principle by the "Taipei Representative Office in France" as well as relevant personnel on the French side.  

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