Published: 17:44, October 21, 2021 | Updated: 17:23, October 23, 2021
HK unemployment rate drops to 4.5%
By Wang Zhan

Pedestrians walk along a street in Hong Kong on June 16, 2021. (ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP)

Hong Kong's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the last three months dropped to 4.5 percent – down 0.2 percentage points from the June-August period, according to the Census and Statistics Department. 

The underemployment rate also decreased from 2.2 percent in June-August period to 2.1 percent in three months ending in September, the department said on Thursday when it revealed the latest rolling three-month figures. 

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"The labor market improved further along with the increasingly entrenched economic recovery," Secretary for Labour and Welfare Dr Law Chi-kwong said while commenting on the latest unemployment figures. 

The Consumption Voucher Scheme should continue to render support to consumption-related activities in the near term.

Dr Law Chi-kwong,  Secretary for Labour and Welfare 

Total employment rose by around 6,300 to 3,658,000 in the July-September period. The labor force in July-September was 3,838,600, about the same as that in the June-August period. The number of unemployed persons decreased by around 7,100 to 180,600 in the July-September period, showed the statistics. 

While most major economic sectors saw a drop in both the unemployment rate and underemployment rate, more distinct decreases were seen in the decoration, repair and maintenance for buildings sector; professional and business services sector (excluding cleaning and similar activities); and arts, entertainment and recreation sector. 

The unemployment rate for the consumption- and tourism-related sectors combined fell by 0.2 percentage points to 7.2 percent.

As to the underemployment rate, decreases were mainly seen in the construction sector; retail, accommodation and food services sector; and arts, entertainment and recreation sector. 

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"The labor market conditions would depend on the pace of the economic recovery," Law said, adding that Consumption Voucher Scheme should continue to render support to consumption-related activities in the near term. 

Pointing out that the global pandemic development remains a key source of uncertainty over the economic and labor market outlook, he said: “The community should stay vigilant against the COVID-19 epidemic and strive towards more widespread vaccination. The government will continue to monitor the situation closely."