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Published: 17:33, August 09, 2022 | Updated: 17:44, August 09, 2022
PLA continues combat drills around Taiwan
By Jiang Chenglong
Published:17:33, August 09, 2022 Updated:17:44, August 09, 2022 By Jiang Chenglong

A soldier looks through binoculars during combat exercises and training of the navy of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in the waters around the Taiwan island, Aug 5, 2022. (PHOTO/XINHUA)

The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command on Tuesday continued to carry out combat exercises around Taiwan, the command said in a statement.

The drills, which were conducted in the air and waters around the island, were mainly conducted to test the capabilities of the PLA's joint blockade and joint support operations.

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The command has been organizing drills surrounding Taiwan since Aug 2, after the arrival of United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the island.

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