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AUKUS is a stab in the back and a big mistake

Grenville Cross says Australia may be happy being a US vassal, but UK should avoid that fate.

12 October, 2021

'Outreach campaign' must instill people-centric philosophy

Tu Haiming says administrators must never assume social elites should come before the ordinary working masses as the main beneficiaries of their administration.

06 October, 2021

HK lives up to reputation for resilience, persistence

Richard Cullen says working legislature makes it possible to address the intimidating housing crisis in creative ways.

15 October, 2021

'Color revolution' ends as public support falters

Lau Siu-kai says destructiveness of the upheaval reinvigorated the city’s political conservatism.

10 October, 2021

Challenges lie ahead in Public Address goals

Tony Kwok says reviewing the appointment system in top government ranks is good idea.

13 October, 2021

Stability and governance key to 'one country, two systems' success

Xiao Ping says only once the two main causes are tackled can Hong Kong focus on addressing deep-seated socioeconomic problems.

18 March, 2021

Basic housing should be focus of govt policy now

Ho Lok-sang says the government's priority should be to lift those living in extremely crowded and abject conditions as quickly as possible.

12 October, 2021


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