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National security: Fair trial vindicates criminal justice system

Grenville Cross says verdict is welcomed by everybody who cherishes city’s rule of law and values its freedoms.

03 August, 2021

Patriotism only the first criterion for HK leaders

Tu Haiming says that candidates must be good at resolving various contradictions and problems hindering HK's development.

01 August, 2021

Comparative National Security Law: Australia and Singapore

The following are remarks of Prof Richard Cullen at the Hong Kong National Security Law Legal Forum hosted by the Department of Justice, on Monday, July 5, 2021.

06 July, 2021

National Security Law for HK has positive impact

Lau Siu-kai says the legislation has created a solid political and social foundation for effective governance.

25 July, 2021

PTU is a bad dream that must be consigned to history

Tony Kwok says case can be a template for further crackdowns against groups which are in reality 'malignant tumors'.

03 August, 2021

Stability and governance key to 'one country, two systems' success

Xiao Ping says only once the two main causes are tackled can Hong Kong focus on addressing deep-seated socioeconomic problems.

18 March, 2021

How to build a cohesive and inclusive Hong Kong society

Ho Lok-sang says the only way to win the hearts of the people is through a proactive, sincere concern for the interests of all the city’s dwellers.

05 August, 2021


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