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UK judiciary: APPG exposes threats to judges by ministers threatening Hong Kong

Grenville Cross says Britain needs to affirm its own judicial independence before lecturing others.

17 June, 2022

New leadership blessed with quality needed to govern

Tu Haiming says socioeconomic development can reach new level.

24 June, 2022

EU continues its tiresome moralizing about China

Richard Cullen says the bloc's politicized, intrusive reviews confirm that spirit of European colonialism is alive and well.

06 June, 2022

President Xi charts HK's future course of democratic development

Lau Siu-kai says pace and scope of change in SAR’s electoral system are contingent on several factors.

22 June, 2022

Hong Kong's anti-corruption drive gains pace since handover

Tony Kwok says lessons from ICAC’s success could benefit entire Greater Bay Area.

16 June, 2022

Hong Kong shouldn't be absent from national rejuvenation process

Xiao Ping says the city can contribute to the country by using the unique advantages afforded by 'one country, two systems' and leveraging its competitive edges.

25 November, 2021

HK has yet to capitalize on 'one country, two systems'

Ho Lok-sang says system needs all residents to have full respect for law and order, and Beijing’s constitutional authority.

21 June, 2022


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