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Published: 15:41, October 06, 2022 | Updated: 15:48, October 06, 2022
Young speaker grows with CDHK in challenges
By China Daily
Published:15:41, October 06, 2022 Updated:15:48, October 06, 2022 By China Daily

Editor’s note: As China Daily Hong Kong Edition celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, we have invited leaders from various sectors who have deep bonds with us to join us in our celebrations. Let’s read what they say, as well as their messages of congratulations and best wishes for CDHK’s future.

Ma Hiu-chun competes at the “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition (Hong Kong region) in June 2022. (ANDY CHONG / CHINA DAILY)

Ma Hiu-chun, university category winner of the “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition (Hong Kong region) in 2022

I first came across China Daily Hong Kong when I participated in the “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition, hosted by China Daily Hong Kong, in secondary 4. Throughout my fourth time of participating in the speaking competition, I was very fortunate to have received prizes and honors. They were all remarkable and once-in-a-lifetime moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

Flashback to 2019, the year I represented Hong Kong to join the national competition. The CDHK team supported and assisted me throughout the entire trip. From contacting the contest committee to ensuring everything went smoothly, the CDHK team gave me assurance and assistance. The CDHK staff were very thoughtful and professional, in terms of holding competitions and handling contestants. 

From my point of view, CDHK has always presented a professional figure and positive image to readers and the public. I am honored to have been the student anchor of the speaking competition for the past few years. 

In the process of the competition, I also participated in the recording of a promotional video of the competition, helping to convey the story of Hong Kong and the voices of young people. 

At the invitation of CDHK’s VDO English, I also participated in the production of videos about global news. Through this opportunity, CDHK has allowed students a taste of presenting news and participating in a news production process.

CDHK has created many opportunities for students to explore and find their passion. In October, I will be representing Hong Kong again in the university category. I look forward to working and collaborating with CHDK and creating another extraordinary adventure.

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! Your dedication to making good Hong Kong news has inspired us all. May China Daily Hong Kong continue the journey of success and prosperity. Cheers to many more years of achievements.

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