Published: 11:29, July 5, 2024
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Lingnan to help promote mainland’s liberal arts education
By Oasis Hu in Hong Kong
Joe Qin Sizhao, president of Lingnan University. (FLORENCE LI / CHINA DAILY)

Lingnan University will organize more visits to universities on the Chinese mainland to strengthen cooperation and spread the concept of liberal arts education, thereby contributing to the nation’s diversification of education.  

In an exclusive interview with China Daily, Joe Qin Sizhao, president of the university, says in today’s China, with rapid economic development, there’s growing emphasis on the holistic development of students, including nurturing their physical and psychological well-being, cultivating their personalities, and helping them to relish values and aims in life.

Education should equip students with the skills they will need rather than outdated knowledge from decades ago.”

Joe Qin Sizhao, president of Lingnan University

These aspects, he says, align perfectly with the principles of liberal arts education in which Lingnan University excels.

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Besides focusing on their development, universities should have a more positive effect on society. Thus, Lingnan will step out and expand its reach to promote liberal arts education. This will further diversify education on the mainland and provide students with more unique experiences. Reaching out also enables the university to deepen educational and research collaboration.  

Since becoming Lingnan’s president, Qin has visited more than 20 schools on the mainland to introduce the institution and its liberal arts concept and discuss possibilities for cooperation.

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Lingnan has jointly organized a liberal arts education program with Peking University’s Yuanpei College this summer. Peking University students have been invited to stay at Lingnan University, attend classes and participate in innovation competitions.