Published: 15:22, February 23, 2024 | Updated: 20:34, February 23, 2024
Philippines urged to respect China's sovereignty
By Zhao Lei

The crewed submersible Shenhai Yongshi (Deep Sea Warrior) prepares to submerge into the sea before conducting underwater investigation in the South China Sea, May 27, 2023. (PHOTO / XINHUA)

The China Coast Guard urged the Philippines on Friday to stop infringing on China's sovereignty, saying it will continue to carry out necessary measures in waters under China's jurisdiction.

In a statement, coast guard spokesman Gan Yu said that its ships had expelled a vessel from the Philippines' Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for illegally intruding into waters near Huangyan Island in the South China Sea on Thursday and Friday.

"What the Philippines did has infringed on China's sovereignty and seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations

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He said that the Philippine ship kept intruding waters near the Huangyan Island against repeated dissuasion and warnings from Chinese vessels. Seeing their warnings to no avail, the Chinese vessels used necessary measures to drive away the Philippine ship in a professional, lawful and restrained manner, the spokesman said.

"What the Philippines did has infringed on China's sovereignty and seriously violated international law and basic norms governing international relations. We urge the Philippine side to immediately stop the infringement and reserve the right to take further control actions," Gan noted.

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China has indisputable sovereignty over Huangyan Island and its adjacent waters, and the China Coast Guard will, as always, conduct rights protection and law enforcement activities in the waters under Chinese jurisdiction, firmly safeguarding national sovereignty and maritime interests, he added.