Published: 12:06, February 13, 2024 | Updated: 12:06, February 13, 2024
Iran's IRGC fires long-range ballistic missile from cruiser
By Xinhua

In this picture released by the official website of the Iranian Army on Jan 19, 2024, a missile is launched during a military drill in southern Iran. (PHOTO / IRANIAN ARMY VIA AP)

TEHRAN - A top Iranian military commander said the country's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) had successfully fired a long-range ballistic missile from one of its cruisers, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday.

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IRGC's Chief Commander Hossein Salami made the remarks in a televised interview while commenting on the new achievements of the force's navy, the report said.

IRGC chief commander warned that the corps and Iranian armed forces would give "fitting and heavy" responses to any conspiracy

He said the ballistic missile was launched as part of the joint cooperation between the IRGC's aerospace division and navy.

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"The new achievement has increased the range of our naval influence and power to any given desired point. Our ocean cruisers can be present in any part of the oceans and naturally, when we can fire missiles from them, there remains no safe spot for any power that would seek to cause us insecurity," said Salami.

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The chief commander said with the arrival of a large number of drones, cruise missiles and even ballistic missiles with pinpoint accuracy and capable of targeting warships at sea, the IRGC's naval defense and offensive power featured a "very complex and interconnected combination of up-to-date, advanced and modern capabilities."

He warned that the IRGC and Iranian armed forces would give "fitting and heavy" responses to any conspiracy and hostile action.