Published: 16:39, October 27, 2023 | Updated: 17:01, October 27, 2023
Putin: Russia to launch first module of space station by 2027
By Xinhua

This pool photograph distributed by Russian state-owned agency Sputnik shows Russia's President Vladimir Putin talking with young scientists during a visit to the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia in Korolyov, outside Moscow, on Oct 26, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

VLADIVOSTOK -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the first module of the Russian Orbital Station could be launched into orbit by 2027, as the International Space Station (ISS) resources are exhausted.

Speaking at a meeting with young scientists and space industry specialists, Putin said that Russia aims to build a complete station, not just a single segment.

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"We want to avoid any gaps in our manned space program and work steadily as the ISS runs out of resources. We saw one of the segments today. It should be ready for launch by 2027," he said.

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Putin regarded manned spaceflight as essential for advancing space and space-related fields.

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"Everything must be done in a timely manner. If the financial groundwork is not made in a timely manner, and, therefore, technological and technical, a gap may arise in manned space exploration," he said.