Published: 16:49, July 26, 2023 | Updated: 17:05, July 26, 2023
Know the fashion icon: Madame Song
By Wang Zhan

Dresses are displayed during a media preview of the "Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China" exhibition, at the M+ museum, in Hong Kong, on July 26, 2023. (CALVIN NG/ CHINA DAILY)

A special exhibition showcasing the life of Song Huai-kuei (1937–2006), who was famously known as Madame Song and arguably a legend of art, music, fashion, and film from the 1980s to the 2000s in China, will begin the M+ museum in Hong Kong on Saturday.

Titled “Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China”, it is the world’s first exhibition featuring Song’s legendary life. 

More than 320 exhibits, including photos, videos, and Song’s clothes collection, are expected to enable the visitors to look back upon how she helped foster a forward-looking creative scene and cultivated a modern, international lifestyle in China in the last century.

The event will run through April 2024.

China Daily’s Calvin Ng took the photos during a media preview on Wednesday.

The exhibition also displayed some copies of China Daily published in December 1985.