Published: 17:25, January 31, 2023 | Updated: 17:59, January 31, 2023
HK to ban cannabidiol products starting Wednesday
By Wang Zhan

This picture taken on July 6, 2022 in Caudan, western France, shows cannabidiol growing plants in a farm. (PHOTO / AFP)

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government will control cannabidiol (CBD) as a dangerous drug starting Wednesday and products containing CBD will be prohibited to safeguard public health.

The government announced the move as the new regulation under the city’s Dangerous Drugs Ordinance takes effect tomorrow.  

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Ahead of the new regulations, the government had collected 77,400 items containing CBD that residents dropped in disposal boxes as of Jan 29.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, the trafficking and illicit manufacturing of CBD and its products can result in life imprisonment and a fine of HK$5 million ($638,000). Possession and consumption of the substance could also lead to a maximum penalty of seven years' imprisonment and a fine of HK$1 million.