Published: 16:51, April 29, 2020 | Updated: 03:26, June 6, 2023
US official's claims on quality of China testing kits 'groundless'
By Zhong Nan

China urged some individuals in the United States to immediately stop making unjustified accusations against its products and stop slandering China, and called on them to do something useful to help the US better respond to the epidemic, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce has said.

The spokesperson made the remarks after White House trade advisor Peter Navarro on Monday accused China of shipping "low-quality and even counterfeit" novel coronavirus antibody testing kits to the US and of "profiteering" from the outbreak.

White House trade advisor Peter Navarro's words are groundless and extremely irresponsible, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement

Navarro's words are groundless and extremely irresponsible, the spokesperson said in a statement released on late Tuesday.

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Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, China has maintained close communication and cooperation with the certification and registration agencies of various countries, including the US Food and Drug Administration, to ensure China’s exports of anti-epidemic materials meets quality requirements of importers, the spokesperson said.

China has exported tens of millions of novel coronavirus antibody testing kits, the spokesperson said, adding that the products have been widely praised by the international community. China has yet to receive any feedback from US purchasers and users regarding the quality of testing kits.

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It takes joint efforts to fight against COVID-19, as it is still spreading throughout the world and has become a common enemy of mankind, the spokesperson stressed.

China urged certain parties in the US to take more actions conducive to the cooperation between the two countries in fighting the pandemic, the spokesperson said.