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Published: 17:46, November 30, 2023 | Updated: 18:34, November 30, 2023
Nation’s space journey exhibition to be staged in Hong Kong
By Atlas Shao in Hong Kong
Published:17:46, November 30, 2023 Updated:18:34, November 30, 2023 By Atlas Shao in Hong Kong

An exhibition guide shows a visitor the models of the Long March-5B and Long March-7 Carrier Rockets at the "China Manner Space Exhibiition" in Hong Kong on Nov 29, 2023. (CALVIN NG / CHINA DAILY)

An exhibition showcasing the nation’s illustrious three-decade journey in space exploration, which was inaugurated by the visiting astronauts on Thursday, will be staged in the special administrative region from Friday until 18 Feb next year.

The exhibition will be free for all Hong Kong and Macao residents. It will be divided into two parts, staged at Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Museum of History, focusing on artifacts and history of the space missions.

More than 25 groups of exhibits will be displayed, including various carrier rocket models and a model of the China space station, and models of future manned lunar spacecraft, including the next-generation crewed spacecraft and lunar lander.

Residents can also view space suits, the return capsule of Shenzhou XIII, space cold atomic microwave clock, and environmental control and life support equipment. Newly captured video of the in-orbit firing and return of Shenzhou XVI will also be played at the venues.

During Thursday’s opening ceremony, leader of the China Manned Space Delegation and Deputy Director General of the China Manned Space Agency Lin Xiqiang said that China’s manned space program has embarked on a new journey, and he expects more Hong Kong people to pay attention to and participate in the country’s space program and to promote its development. 

“The Chinese will explore further into space,” Lin said. He also said that the country has completed 12 space station construction missions under the leadership of the central government, and this achievement is also the result of the strong support of the people of China, including Hong Kong compatriots.

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Chief Secretary for Administration Eric Chan Kwok-ki said that the exhibits at the Hong Kong Science Museum primarily feature engineering artifacts and large-scale models, which showcase China’s achievements in human spaceflight engineering and provide an outlook on future developments.

Chief Secretary for Administration Eric Chan Kwok-ki deliver a speech during the opening ceremony of "China Manned Space Exibition" at Hong Kong Science Museum on Nov 30, 2023. (CALVIN NG / CHINA DAILY)

The exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of History will mainly cover space suits and manuscripts, focusing on the history, comprehensive benefits, and cultural significance of China’s manned space exploration.

He said he hopes that this comprehensive and systematic exhibition can inspire more young people’s interests in spaceflight technology and realize their dreams of spaceflight.

Chan added that the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce have jointly organized the Young Astronaut Training Camp, which takes around 30 Hong Kong secondary school students to visit aerospace facilities in Beijing and other places every year, and about 350 students have participated so far.

During Thursday’s event, some participants of the camp also shared their feelings. 

Seventeen-year-old student Abbie Lee Lok-yi, who participated in the 2023 young astronaut training camp, could not hide her excitement to see the country’s astronauts in person. “I usually see astronauts on TV, and I think it’s so awesome to go to space. Today, I can see them in person, which is a precious chance for me,” Lee said. 

Before seeing the astronauts in person, she thought the dream of space exploration was elusive. After that she found that it can be realized, and fueling the nation’s space industry has also become her future goal.

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Another student, Vincent Zeng Jun-cheng, who is 14 years old, said he had an unforgettable journey during the 2023 young astronaut training camp. “We went to the space bases in Beijing and Qinghai, met many researchers, talked about what kind of experiments are done in space, and visited many facilities.” Zeng hopes that he can be a member of the aerospace research team in the future.

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