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Published: 18:31, November 29, 2023 | Updated: 12:42, November 30, 2023
Three cheers for the astronauts!
By Wang Zhan
Published:18:31, November 29, 2023 Updated:12:42, November 30, 2023 By Wang Zhan

The members of the China Manned Space delegation and Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu attend the "Hong Kong Welcomes the Delegation of China Manned Space Variety Show" at Hong Kong Coliseum, in Hong Kong, Nov 29, 2023. (ANDY CHONG / CHINA DAILY)

Cheers filled the air at Hong Kong Coliseum on Wednesday with a variety show underway to mark the China Manned Space delegation’s trip to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

About 5,000 free tickets for the commemorative event, titled “Hong Kong Welcomes the Delegation of China Manned Space Variety Show”, were all distributed in around eight hours, according to the Home Affairs Department.

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The members of the delegation including astronauts Liu Boming, Wang Yaping, Chen Dong, and Zhang Lu arrived in Hong Kong for a four-day visit the day before.

China Daily’s Andy Chong took the photos on Wednesday.

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