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Published: 15:49, October 25, 2023
New Zealand's PM-elect Luxon says coalition negotiations continue
By Reuters
Published:15:49, October 25, 2023 By Reuters

New Zealand National Party leader and Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon speaks to supporters at a party event in Auckland, Oct 14, 2023, following a general election. (PHOTO / AP)

WELLINGTON - New Zealand’s Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon said on Wednesday that negotiations were ongoing with potential coalition partners ACT New Zealand and New Zealand First, as the country awaits final results of the general election.

Luxon’s conservative National Party and preferred coalition partner ACT won a one-seat majority in the general election Oct 14. However, this majority could be eroded after special votes are counted and final results are released Nov 3.

Luxon said once special votes are counted, the parties will move quickly to form a government

“What we're doing between now and the third of November is progressing relationships and arrangements with both parties,” Luxon told state-funded Radio New Zealand on Wednesday.

He said once special votes are counted, the parties will move quickly to form a government.

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“Unfortunately, this will take as long as it takes in order to be able to get a good agreement and good trust and a strong base and a good government,” Luxon added.

Special votes are ballots cast for example by electors overseas or by those who enrolled on the day of the election.

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New Zealand is currently being governed by a caretaker government run by the previous Labour government.

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