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Published: 20:16, February 03, 2023 | Updated: 23:18, February 03, 2023
US, ROK stage air drills despite DPRK complaints
By Agencies
Published:20:16, February 03, 2023 Updated:23:18, February 03, 2023 By Agencies

US Air Force F-22 fighter jets take part in a joint drill with the Republic of Korea's Air Force at Kunsan air base, in Gunsan, ROK, Dec 20, 2022. (PHOTO / REUTERS)

SEOUL – The United States and the Republic of Korea staged drills for the second time in a week on Friday with some of their latest warplanes, despite complaints from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that the exercises were increasing tensions on the peninsula.

The two countries conducted a joint air exercise over the sea to the west of the Korean Peninsula on Friday, with warplanes such as the ROK's F35A, and the US' F-22 and F-35B participating, the ROK military said in a statement.

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The Air Forces of both countries "will continue to strengthen joint drills to have strong response capabilities and readiness” against what the ROK military alleged DPRK “nuclear and missile threats”.

On Thursday, the DPRK's Foreign Ministry said previous drills by the US and its allies had reached an "extreme red line" and threatened to turn the peninsula into a "huge war arsenal and a more critical war zone".

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Pyongyang was not interested in dialogue as long as Washington pursued hostile policies, said the statement carried by the DPRK’s state news agency.

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