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Friday, November 11, 2022, 22:46
Israel president to ask Netanyahu to form new government
By Agencies
Friday, November 11, 2022, 22:46 By Agencies

Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he addresses his supporters at his party headquarters during Israel's general election in Jerusalem, Nov 2, 2022. (REUTERS / AMMAR AWAD)

JERUSALEM – Israeli President Isaac Herzog announced on Friday that he would assign the task of forming a government to opposition leader and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the government's press office.

The announcement came 10 days after the general elections in which Netanyahu and his right-wing bloc managed to secure a majority with 64 out of the 120 parliament seats.

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An official ceremony with Netanyahu receiving the task will take place on Sunday.

Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in Israel, spent more than a year in the opposition. In the coming weeks, he will hold negotiations with different parties on the new government guidelines and the distribution of the various ministerial portfolios.

According to the law, Netanyahu has 28 days to form a new government and could be given an extension of 14 days if needed.

He is expected to lead a right-wing government including extremist elements.

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The country’s longest-serving premier, Netanyahu is on trial on corruption charges, which he denies.

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