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Published: 17:35, August 05, 2022 | Updated: 17:36, August 05, 2022
NHK: Japan PM Kishida to reshuffle cabinet as early as Aug 10
By Reuters
Published:17:35, August 05, 2022 Updated:17:36, August 05, 2022 By Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party speaks during a news conference after the results of the Upper House elections at the party headquarters in Tokyo on July 11, 2022. (RODRIGO REYES MARIN / POOL / AFP)

TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida intends to reshuffle his cabinet as early as Aug. 10, public broadcaster NHK said on Friday.

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The reshuffle would come after his conservative coalition government increased its majority in the upper house of parliament in a July election.

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