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Published: 12:53, December 26, 2021 | Updated: 13:48, December 26, 2021
HK observatory issues this winter's 1st cold weather warning
By Wang Zhan
Published:12:53, December 26, 2021 Updated:13:48, December 26, 2021 By Wang Zhan

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Observatory issued its first Cold Weather Warning this winter as an intense winter monsoon is bringing cold weather to southern China. 

The forecaster issued the warning at 11 am on Sunday and expected appreciably colder weather in Hong Kong at night and in the next couple of days.

With the upper-air disturbance departing, the weather will improve over the coast of southern China on Tuesday.

Hong Kong Observatory

Temperatures in the urban areas will fall progressively from about 16 degrees Celsius initially to a minimum of around 12 degrees Sunday night, and further drop below 10 degrees on Monday, the observatory said. “It will be a few degrees lower in the New Territories and on high ground,” it added.

An upper-air disturbance would bring cloudy weather and some rain to the region on Monday. “With the upper-air disturbance departing, the weather will improve over the coast of southern China on Tuesday,” it said, adding the weather will remain cold on Tuesday.

The government has appealed to members of the public to prepare for the cold weather.

“In view of the cold weather and the persistence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the elderly and people with chronic illness may face higher risks,” a spokesman for the government’s Home Affairs Department said in a statement.

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The spokesman called on people, especially the elderly and people with chronic illness, to dress warmly and stay at home as far as possible.

Members of the public could call the department’s hotline 2572 8427 for inquiries relating to temporary cold shelters, which are opened after the issuance of the cold weather warning, the spokesman said.

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