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Thursday, December 23, 2021, 17:22
Suicide bomber killed at Kabul passport office gate
By Reuters
Thursday, December 23, 2021, 17:22 By Reuters

A Taliban fighter checks the document of a motorist at a checkpoint in Kabul on Dec 23, 2021. (WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP)

KABUL - A suicide bomber was killed at the gate of a passport office in the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday, a government spokesman said, and several people were injured in the blast, according to unconfirmed reports.

A spokesman for Afghanistan's interior ministry said the attacker was shot and killed while trying to enter the passport office premises.

One member of the Taliban who was a witness told Reuters multiple people were injured, and the building and streets around the area were locked down by Taliban security forces.

Large crowds of Afghans have been thronging outside the passport office in a bid to get travel documents in recent days after the service was restarted after weeks of suspension.

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Officials said that Thursdays are reserved as a special day for Taliban officials to visit the passport office to make travel documents.

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