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Published: 12:06, December 04, 2021 | Updated: 18:29, December 04, 2021
Gold medalists show their skills
By Wang Zhan
Published:12:06, December 04, 2021 Updated:18:29, December 04, 2021 By Wang Zhan

Visting mainland Olympians put up a gymnastic demonstration at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai on Dec 4, 2021. (EDMOND TANG / CHINA DAILY)

HONG KONG - Visting mainland Olympians put up a demonstration of fencing, gymnastics, table tennis and badminton at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai on Saturday morning. 

Another demonstration session by the visiting athletes on diving and swimming was held at Victoria Park Swimming Pool in Causeway Bay around the same time.

The demonstrations in the two venues attracted around 3,400 members of the public to watch as spectators. The audiences applauded the athletes for their skills, which have deeply impressed Hong Kong residents.

Chief Secretary for Administration John Lee Ka-chiu and Secretary for Home Affairs Caspar Tsui Ying-wai visited Queen Elizabeth Stadium to view the demonstrations and greeted members of the delegation this morning.

China Daily's Edmond Tang took the photographs.

Zou Jingyuan, parallel bars gold medallist

Liu Yang, men's rings gold medallist

Zhu Xueying, trampoline gold medallist

Badminton gold medalists Wang Yilyu and Huang Dongping

Badminton gold medalists Wang Yilyu (right)

Badminton gold medalist Huang Dongping

Fencing gold medallist Sun Yiwen (right) and fencer Vivian Kong Man Wai from Hong Kong, China

Table-tennis gold medalists Ma Long (in black) and Xu Xin (in red)

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Guo Jingjing (3rd right) poses with table-tennis medalists Ma Long (1st right) and Xu Xin (2nd right) as retired table tennis player Zhang Yining takes the photos.

Hong Kong fans cheer for visiting Olympians

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