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Published: 11:45, November 24, 2021 | Updated: 11:47, November 24, 2021
China urges US to stop fanning flame on Taiwan issues
By Xinhua
Published:11:45, November 24, 2021 Updated:11:47, November 24, 2021 By Xinhua

This undated photo shows Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. (PHOTO / MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA)

BEIJING – China on Tuesday said the United States should stop fanning the flame on Taiwan-related issues and not send wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian made the comment in response to a US Department of State spokesperson's remarks in support of the establishment of a "Taiwanese representative office" in Lithuania. 

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Zhao said the one-China principle is a universally recognized norm of international relations and a general consensus of the international community, and also serves as the political foundation for China's development of relations with any other country. 

Zhao Lijian admonished the Lithuanian side that being a cat's paw for certain major country will only end up getting itself hurt

Faced with actions that harm China's national sovereignty and security interests, China has made a reasonable and legal response, defended its own legitimate rights and interests, and safeguarded international fairness and justice, Zhao said. 

He said that the relevant US remarks further prove who is behind Lithuania's approval of the establishment of the "Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania," which, in collusion with the separatist forces of "Taiwan independence," creates the false impression of "one China, one Taiwan" in international community. 

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Zhao urged the US to abide by the one-China principle and the relevant provisions of the three China-US joint communiques, abide by the solemn political commitments made when diplomatic relations with China were established, stop fanning the flame and provoking confrontation on Taiwan-related issues, and stop sending false signals to the "Taiwan independence" forces.   

He also admonished the Lithuanian side that being a cat's paw for certain major country will only end up getting itself hurt. 

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