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Published: 12:01, September 21, 2021 | Updated: 12:02, September 21, 2021
China's financial institutions report rising assets
By Xinhua
Published:12:01, September 21, 2021 Updated:12:02, September 21, 2021 By Xinhua

BEIJING - Assets of China's financial institutions totaled 371.26 trillion yuan (about US$57.56 trillion) by the end of the second quarter of this year, official data showed.

The volume increased by 9.1 percent year on year, according to the preliminary statistics released by the People's Bank of China (PBOC).

China's banking sector held 336 trillion yuan at the end of the second quarter, up 8.6 percent year on year, the PBOC said.

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The securities institutions reported 11.27 trillion yuan of total assets by the end of the second quarter while assets of China's insurance institutions rose 9.2 percent from a year ago to 23.99 trillion yuan.

The total liabilities of China's financial institutions came in at 337.63 trillion yuan at the end of the second quarter, up 8.9 percent year on year, PBOC data showed.

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