Published: 14:53, June 17, 2024
China says Philippine ship illegally entered South China Sea
By Jiang Chenglong
An aerial drone photo taken on May 16, 2024 shows several Philippine ships gathering illegally and conducting activities irrelevant to legitimate fishing in the surrounding waters of Huangyan Dao. (PHOTO / CCG VIA XINHUA)

The China Coast Guard issued two consecutive statements on Monday morning, accusing a Philippine supply ship of illegally entering waters in the South China Sea and deliberately approaching a Chinese vessel in a dangerous manner, resulting in a collision.

According to the statements, the Chinese Coast Guard said that the Philippine ship unlawfully entered waters near Ren'ai Reef on Monday, prompting Chinese authorities to take control measures in accordance with laws.

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"At 5:59 am, the Philippine supply ship ignored multiple stern warnings from the Chinese side, violated the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, and deliberately approached a normally navigating Chinese vessel in a dangerous and unprofessional manner, causing a collision," the statement said.

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"The responsibility lies entirely with the Philippine side," the Chinese Coast Guard said.