Published: 17:48, May 31, 2024 | Updated: 17:58, May 31, 2024
Survey: Nearly 40% of HK youth want to contribute to national development
By Fang Xue in Hong Kong
In this file photo dated July 1, 2023, people wave both the Chinese national and Hong Kong SAR's regional flags during a flag-raising ceremony held at Hon Wah College, in Siu Sai Wan, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. (CALVIN NG / CHINA DAILY)

A research report indicates that nearly 70 percent of local youngsters recognize that the country’s development affects them, and nearly 40 percent want to contribute to the country’s progress.

Compiled by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the report also suggests that the Hong Kong government should strengthen its efforts to help young people discover and develop their talent, as nearly 42 percent of respondents claimed to have no clear idea about how they can make a contribution.

A survey conducted for the report contacted 520 people aged 15 to 34 between March 29 and April 2, and interviewed 18 young people who have participated in national development, as well as five experts and scholars.

More than 71 percent of respondents said they are confident in the country's development prospects, and 38.1 percent said they hope to participate in national development

In the survey, about 68.5 percent of respondents said they are aware that the country’s development is closely linked to their own development, and 46.5 percent said they want to learn more about national development.

As for areas in which young people believe the country has made significant progress over the past year, 65 percent of respondents identified the field of technology, followed by 28.7 percent who identified the economy, 23.1 percent who identified infrastructure and 15.2 percent who opted for sustainable development.

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More than 71 percent of respondents said they are confident in the country's development prospects, and 38.1 percent said they hope to participate in national development.

However, only 22.7 percent of young people said they have been involved in the nation’s development through various exchange activities and other events. About 41.7 percent described themselves as "spectators" in the process of national development, while only 11.2 percent considered themselves "participants".

Obstacles to their participation include "not being sure how to participate" and having "insufficient understanding of the country", the report states.

Three members of the China Manned Space delegation exchange ideas with Hong Kong students during a dialogue session at Pui Kiu Middle School on Nov 29, 2023. They are (from left) Gan Keli, Mengtian’s project manager at the Shanghai academy; Dong Nengli, assistant chief designer of the China Manned Space Program; and Shenzhou XIV mission commander Chen Dong. (PHOTO / HKSAR GOVERNMENT)

Given the opportunity to contribute to the country, 25.4 percent of the respondents said they would like to join the scientific and innovation sector, 25 percent would choose to go into the arts and culture sector, 19.6 percent would work in the economic and finance sector, 19.2 percent would choose talent cultivation and 12.9 percent would enter sustainable development.

John Poon Tsz-fung, deputy convener of Youth I.D.E.A.S, a think-tank under the federation, said Hong Kong has always had a presence on the road to national development, and that the younger generation certainly intends to participate.

Poon said that the government should develop a promotion strategy targeting the needs of young Hong Kong people, identifying the major areas in which they can contribute to national development, in order to help them find their career paths.

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He also said that the government should assist with the optimization of current mainland exchange programs by allocating more funding, ensuring that cross-boundary activities can provide young people with practical, useful advice.