Published: 10:06, May 22, 2024
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Beijing imposes sanctions on ex-US lawmaker
By Zhang Yunbi

China's Foreign Ministry issued a set of countermeasures on Tuesday against former US congressman Mike Gallagher, including the freezing of movable and immovable property and other kinds of property in China.

China "prohibits organizations and individuals in its territory from conducting relevant transactions, cooperation and other activities with him, and denies his request for visa or entry into its territory", the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Gallagher, a former US representative, was a Wisconsin Republican and former chairman of the House select committee on Chinese competition. He left Congress earlier this year.

He has "frequently resorted to words and taken actions in recent years to interfere in China's internal affairs, undermine China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and infringe on China's interests", Beijing said on Tuesday.

The countermeasures against him were based on the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of the People's Republic of China, the Foreign Ministry said. The decision came into effect on Tuesday.

Negative narratives

Observers noted that Gallagher has been among junior members of Congress that frequently participate in negative narratives blasting China, so as to climb higher in their political careers.

Since 2017, he has proposed a slew of China-related bills, and The Associated Press called him someone who "has spearheaded House pushback against the Chinese government".

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Last year, he proposed a bill seeking to block companies of China and other "foreign adversaries" from purchasing land near military bases and other sensitive sites.

Last month, Gallagher worked together with congressional fellows, including Representative Jimmy Panetta, on proposing a bill to impose sanctions on any Chinese military firm that provides material support to Russia.