Published: 17:35, April 3, 2023 | Updated: 17:51, April 3, 2023
China issues new industrial standards for public security
By Xinhua

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Public Security on Monday released a new batch of industrial standards regarding public safety, covering areas such as road traffic management, forensic science, and public security video image technology.

So far, the MPS has released 2,599 sets of standards that are currently in effect and had initially established a relatively comprehensive industrial standard system for public safety, according to a press conference held by the ministry. The MPS also led the formulation of 12 international standards in this field.

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There are currently nine standardization technical committees under the MPS, with nearly 1,400 members, the ministry said.

The release of these new standards will further enhance the role of public security in promoting the implementation of laws and regulations, supporting law enforcement and business management, improving product quality and efficiency, and boosting the application of scientific and technological innovation in the relevant area, said Li Jian, an official with the MPS.

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The newly released standards include those closely related to people's daily life, such as the national standard for helmets for motorcycle and electric bicycle riders and passengers.