Published: 11:45, October 5, 2022 | Updated: 14:21, October 5, 2022
Kuwait govt urged to work with China to tackle climate issues
By Xinhua

An aerial photo shows part of the Qianjiangyuan-Baishanzu National Park in Zhejiang province. (PHOTO / XINHUA)

KUWAIT CITY – The Kuwait Environment Public Authority is preparing an environmental project to address climate changes in the country and experts here have called for more cooperation with China, a pioneer country in their view, in combating climate-related issues.

Shabib Al-Ajmi, an advisor to the Kuwaiti minister of municipality, spoke highly of China's efforts in ecological protection, noting that "ecological protection has already become a consensus among common families and society in China"

As the world is witnessing severe droughts, storms, heat waves and other disasters triggered by an increasingly abnormal weather, the project aims to introduce new laws and regulations to address climate issues and reduce the risks of aftermaths in the country.

Speaking to Xinhua, Jenan Bahzad, a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Environment Protection Society, a non-profit organization, praised China's contribution to addressing global climate change, especially its pledge on reducing emissions and carbon neutrality.

It will not be an easy solution without taking drastic measures and conducting global cooperation in the shortest time frame to help developing countries move towards a low-carbon economy, Bahzad said.

She noted that climate change is obvious in the Gulf region, where the declining rainfall requires an insight to protect the environment and avoid natural disasters.

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"It is a global challenge that does not stop at national borders, and it is an issue that requires solutions that need coordination on the international level," she added, extending hope to work together with China in this regard.

Bahzad called on governmental and private entities to implement environmental protection laws, as well as follow-up regulations, especially those that limit effects directly and indirectly resulting from climate change.

Shabib Al-Ajmi, an advisor to the Kuwaiti minister of municipality, expressed support for China's stance on climate change, that is, countries around the world need to stick to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities when tackling the issue.

He spoke highly of China's efforts in this field, noting that "ecological protection has already become a consensus among common families and society in China."

Hassan Dashti, a meteorology observer at the Kuwait Directorate General of Civil Aviation, said his country's goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by adopting a circular carbon economy.

"If we apply it, we could avoid the pessimistic scene where temperatures will rise by 4 degrees Celsius within 100 years," Dashti said.

Countries' keenness in reaching net-zero carbon emissions is important, and China has pledged great efforts, the observer noted, adding that Beijing's commitment plays a significant role in encouraging others and contributing to achieving the global goal of controlling the rising temperatures on the planet.