Published: 14:57, April 3, 2022 | Updated: 15:03, April 3, 2022
Kremlin: US-funded labs around Russia developing bio-weapons
By Xinhua

A woman walks near the Kremlin in downtown Moscow on April 12, 2020. (DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP)

MOSCOW - Moscow has information that an array of biological laboratories have been founded around Russia, which are engaged in developing bio-weapons, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Saturday.

"Within the framework of a program funded by the Pentagon, a whole network of biolabs have been created around Russia and Belarus, which not only deal with extremely dangerous pathogens, microbes, viruses, but also work on projects to invent new types of biological weapons," Peskov said in an interview with Belarus-24 TV channel.

"The Americans are now trying to divert attention from the issue of biological laboratories, but facts speak for themselves. The issue concerns Russia and many other countries," he said.

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During Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, the dangerous biological activities of the United States had been revealed, Irina Yarovaya, deputy chairperson of the State Duma or the lower house of Russia's parliament, said earlier this week.

Russian lawmakers have formed a commission to investigate US-controlled biological laboratories in Ukraine.