Published: 13:08, March 18, 2022 | Updated: 13:08, March 18, 2022
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Bloodshed in Ukraine stains Washington
By China Daily

The United States is waging a campaign of misinformation to cover up the fact that it is losing control of the troubles emerging from the Pandora's box that it has recklessly opened in Ukraine.

In a bid to divert the world's attention from its folly and culpability and ease the pressure it is under at home, the US administration is trying to scapegoat China.

China is the obvious fall guy as it has declared it has a "no limits" strategic partnership with Russia. As a result, the US administration and US media outlets have been able to claim that they have verification straight from the horse's mouth that Beijing is conniving with Moscow, that it knew in advance of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, and China is providing Russia with military assistance.

Yet that is not the case. Although China and Russia both oppose attempts to revive the ideology-based confrontation of the Cold War, China has determined its position concerning the Ukrainian issue by objectively evaluating the situation and its causes.

It supports Russia and Ukraine resolving their differences through negotiations. It is thus in communication with the two parties and other stakeholders with a view to building a consensus on how to end the conflict.

Washington though, instead of seriously considering the reasonable security concerns of the countries concerned and trying to promote a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism through negotiation, has roped its all-too-gullible and historically-conditioned European allies into the proxy war it is waging against Russia.

The poison of power that has morally corrupted the US has pushed the world to the edge of a cliff.

Washington's badmouthing of China-Russia relations while simultaneously trying to draw Beijing to its side exposes the narrow calculations that result from its Cold War mindset.

Most of the international community remains clearheaded about not only the rights and wrongs of the crisis itself, but also which country is pro-peace and which country is trying to pour oil on flames.

The frictions and problems accumulated over the years need to be faced up to and addressed, not exploited by the US as a means to maintain its hegemony.

By using the Ukraine conflict as an opportunity to wage a propaganda war against China, Washington is only further demonstrating the malignancy innate to its world view.

Blood will tell. And the blood being shed in Ukraine stains the US, not China.