Published: 10:24, January 13, 2022 | Updated: 10:25, January 13, 2022
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Reporter recounts journey of discovery
By Xu Wei

For Nathan Williams, a video producer at China Daily, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area stands out for its robust economic strength, high concentration of innovation and top-level internationalization. His insights were the result of a 12-day tour of the area last year, which took him to Zhuhai, Zhaoqing and Guangzhou in Guangdong province.

In a speech broadcast at the Vision China event, Williams hailed the region as "a vibrant and internationally competitive first-class bay area" for its distinctive geographical advantages and solid foundations of cooperation.

"The Greater Bay Area has implemented an intense, innovation-driven development strategy, with comprehensive innovation and reform pilot measures. You can see this in its law firms, manufacturing and transport sectors, and its food and beverage industries," he said.

The 35-year-old Briton began his journey in Zhuhai, where he looked into how government support was helping businesses overcome challenges.

He explored one-stop tax-service centers, where people are led through the steps needed to open a business, and how the GBA is widening the scope of the blue economy by jointly developing a base for modern marine industries.

He noted that other goals of the Greater Bay Area include targeting the most advanced technologies and industries in the world, strengthening the development of innovation platforms and vigorously developing new technologies, industries and business models.

He found an example of this at XPeng Motors, one of China's leading electric vehicle startups.

After a visit to the company's assembly factory in Zhaoqing and test-driving one of its cars, Williams concluded that the company's decision to invest in the GBA has already reaped dividends.

In Guangzhou, the last stop of his journey, he visited the Tianhe Hong Kong and Macao Youth Association Headquarters.

There, he spoke to clinical psychologist Fabia Cheung. She told Williams that her decision to move her business to Guangzhou had paid off, as the city's geographical location meant that she had clients from all over the GBA, giving her access to a wider market.

"When you see so much activity and the wide-eyed excitement of people passionate about making their business a success, you see the benefit afforded to people who want to build a future in the Greater Bay Area-it's truly inspiring," Williams said.