Published: 16:31, December 31, 2021 | Updated: 20:20, December 31, 2021
Building a sustainable fashion ecosystem
By Wang Yuke

If consumers “buy less, buy better”, it helps in shaping a circular fashion ecosystem. But that’s not nearly enough. Another crucial onus is on the fashion designers. What materials they choose, where they source, and how they use their design … all decide how long the end product could last.

In the final three episodes of the Frontline Fashion docuseries, finalists in the 11th Redress Design Award are challenged by the “icebreaker Move to Natural” task, brainstorming sustainable solutions to design 100 percent natural and zero-waste hoodies. From fabric offcuts, to recyclable yarns, from completely natural merino wool, to patchwork techniques, to the placement of a QR code for an educational purpose…The creative minds go out of their way to cut waste in the garment making process — from start to end — and to engage consumers in the full life cycle of each apparel.

We can also have a glimpse of their original concepts behind their disruptive collection design, which is not only aesthetically desirable and marketable but also highly adjustable, flexible and sustainable.