Published: 09:23, March 28, 2021 | Updated: 21:15, June 4, 2023
China, Iran sign deal to map out comprehensive cooperation
By Xinhua

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (first right) meets with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (fourth left) in Tehran, Iran, on March 27, 2021. (AHMAD HALABISAZ / XINHUA)

TEHRAN - Visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday signed an agreement here with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif to enhance comprehensive cooperation between the countries.

The plan for China-Iran comprehensive cooperation is the result of both sides' efforts after they issued a joint statement on establishing a comprehensive strategic partnership in January 2016, said Wang.

Under the new deal, the two sides will tap the potentials in economic and cultural cooperation and make plans for long-term cooperation, said Wang, adding that he believes this will promote the continuous upgrading of the China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership so as to better benefit the two peoples.

Under the new deal, the two sides will tap the potentials in economic and cultural cooperation and make plans for long-term cooperation, said Wang, adding that he believes this will promote the continuous upgrading of the China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership so as to better benefit the two peoples

During his meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Wang said the agreement will map out an overall blueprint for boosting the China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership, which will not only benefit the two peoples, but also make China-Iran contributions to maintaining regional and world peace.

China, Wang said, firmly supports Iran in defending its national sovereignty and dignity, and safeguarding its chosen development path.

No matter in the past, at present or in future, China is consistent in opposing the unreasonable unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran by other countries, because they violate the international law, especially those based on lies and false information, which are immoral and unpopular and constitute an affront to human conscience, Wang said.

China stands ready to work with Iran and other countries to jointly oppose the acts of bullying by powers, uphold international equity and justice, and defend the basic norms of international relations, the Chinese diplomat said.

Zarif said that the signing of the comprehensive cooperation plan will inject new impetus into further strengthening their mutually beneficial cooperation.

Wang said that, since the establishment of diplomatic ties 50 years ago, China and Iran have maintained close communications, shown mutual understanding and support, and continuously deepened the political mutual trust.

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Noting the world is facing new changes, he urged China and Iran to continue mutual support on the issues related to each other's core interests and major concerns so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, the basic norms of international relations, the common interests of developing countries including China and Iran, as well as equality and justice in the international community.

China stands ready to strengthen cooperation with Iran in fields such as fighting epidemics and protecting public health, and push forward the construction of a community of health for mankind, Wang said.

He also called for enhancing the China-Iran cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative to promote further development of the bilateral relations.

The two countries, said the Chinese diplomat, should take the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties as an opportunity to actively carry out cultural and people-to-people exchanges and enhance the friendship between the two peoples.

China welcomes Iran to send a delegation to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Wang added.

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Zarif said that Iran attaches great importance to its relations with China, and strengthening cooperation with China is a strategic choice made by Iran.

Iran congratulated China on successfully containing the COVID-19 pandemic and the great achievement made by China in protecting the safety of its people, appreciated China's help to Iran's fight against the virus, and hoped to continue to promote the anti-epidemic cooperation with China, said the Iranian minister.

The Iranian diplomat also praised China's firm support for Iran's opposition to illegal unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States, while vowing to stand with China and oppose some Western forces' ungrounded pressures on China.

Iran looks forward to participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and will resist any attempt to sabotage the games, said Zarif.

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On the Iranian nuclear issue, the Iranian top diplomat stressed that the United States, instead of making unreasonable demands on Iran, should take the first step, lift unilateral sanctions against Iran, and return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Calling China as a reliable partner on this matter, Zarif said Iran is willing to work closely with China to push the JCPOA back on track.

Wang said that the current situation of the Iranian nuclear issue was caused by the unilateral withdrawal from the pact by the United States.

He urged the United States to lift its illegitimate sanctions against Iran, cancel its measures of long-arm jurisdiction over third parties, and resume the implementation of the JCPOA comprehensively and unconditionally.

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The relevant parties should lay the ground for restoring the JCPOA through formulating a roadmap with synchronization and reciprocity, and seeking early results, said the Chinese diplomat, adding that China is willing to continue to play a constructive role in this regard.

The two ministers also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern, and attended the exhibition of historical documents on the China-Iran friendly exchanges.  

After the meeting, they signed the document on the plan for China-Iran comprehensive cooperation.