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Published: 16:00, September 24, 2022 | Updated: 16:20, September 24, 2022
Listed firms of China's SOEs see revenue of 13.55t yuan in 1H
By Xinhua
Published:16:00, September 24, 2022 Updated:16:20, September 24, 2022 By Xinhua

BEIJING - Listed firms controlled by China's centrally-administered state-owned enterprises reported continued growth in operating revenues during the first half of the year, according to a report.

At the end of June, 84 centrally-administered SOEs had 450 listed holding companies, according to the report released by the China Association for Public Companies.

The 450 listed companies reported total revenues of 13.55 trillion yuan (about US$1.94 trillion) from January to June, with profits reaching 1.17 trillion yuan.

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Over 67 percent of the centrally-administered SOEs' operating revenue and over 81 percent of their profits came from the listed companies, the report added.

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