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Published: 16:36, March 07, 2022 | Updated: 11:15, March 08, 2022
HK deputies to NPC vow to help city fight COVID by all means
By Chen Shuman in Hong Kong
Published:16:36, March 07, 2022 Updated:11:15, March 08, 2022 By Chen Shuman in Hong Kong

This photo dated March 2, 2022, shows the makeshift hospital in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. (CALVIN NG/CHINA DAILY)

Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress on Monday vowed to spare no efforts in helping the city curb its worst COVID-19 outbreak in a timely manner.

Their response came after Vice-Premier Han Zheng, who’s in charge of Hong Kong and Macao affairs, met with NPC deputies from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions in Beijing during the annual session of the nation’s top legislature, which started on Saturday. 

To successfully contain the outbreak, Hong Kong deputy to the NPC David Wong Yau-kar called for the full mobilization of resources and urged all sectors in Hong Kong to lend a helping hand

Brave Chan Yung said Han was particularly concerned about the plight of children and the elderly in Hong Kong. This fully demonstrates the central government’s concern and understanding with regard to the pandemic in Hong Kong. Chan said he’s deeply moved by the central government’s full backing for Hong Kong in the anti-pandemic fight, noting that a new batch of community isolation facilities is under construction in full swing with the mainland’s help. 

With the central government’s all-round support and the united efforts of people from all walks of life, Hong Kong is certain to win this war on the virus, he said.

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David Wong Yau-kar said the central government’s quick response to the SAR’s requests for help and its full-range assistance has greatly protected the lives of Hong Kong residents.

He said he’s pleased to see people from all sectors of the community proactively joining in the anti-pandemic fight.

To successfully contain the outbreak, Wong called for the full mobilization of resources and urged all sectors in Hong Kong to lend a helping hand.

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Andrew Yao Cho-fai agreed with Han that after the pandemic is under control, Hong Kong should double its efforts in integrating into the nation’s overall development and addressing the city’s deep-seated livelihood problems.

With the nation’s support, Yao believes Hong Kong will definitely conquer the virus and refocus on development and livelihood issues.

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