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Published: 12:42, October 15, 2021 | Updated: 12:43, October 15, 2021
Whole-process people's democracy delivers real benefits to the nation
By China Daily
Published:12:42, October 15, 2021 Updated:12:43, October 15, 2021 By China Daily

The democratic system in China is not the same as that in the West. Democracy with Chinese characteristics is whole-process people's democracy, and despite the so-called Western democracies' claims to the contrary, it is a model of democracy that has proved its effectiveness and worth time and again.

By avoiding the fierce conflicts of interests of different groups and the protracted bargaining to arrive at decisions common in the West, the whole-process people's democracy in China, which is based on the system of people's congresses, extensively promotes people's participation throughout the whole process of decision-making and policymaking at various levels.

While the power in Western democracies is firmly in the hands of those who benefit most from a system that serves their interests, in China, the interests of different groups are fully reflected and balanced, and immediate and long-term interests are thoroughly weighed and calculated, paving the way for the most rational and workable solutions that can serve the fundamental interests of the people.

The proven effectiveness of Chinese-style democracy has prompted a campaign of misinformation by the West seeking to misportray the Chinese system, the essence of which, as President Xi Jinping has said, "is that people get to discuss their own affairs to reach the greatest common ground based on the wishes and needs of the entire society".

A conference organized by the Communist Party of China Central Committee on the work related to people's congresses, held in Beijing on Thursday, provided the world with an opportunity to gain insights into this democratic model with Chinese characteristics, which the country will continue to improve as a guarantee for good governance.

Unlike the win-lose political party confrontation that characterizes Western democracies, China's whole-process people's democracy is based on the pursuit of society-wide consensus. And unlike the political parties in the West, the CPC, which provides leadership and guidance at all levels, does not have its own interests to pursue. It is of and for the people.

The legitimacy, efficacy and advantages of the country's whole-process people's democracy are evident in the Party's efficiency in delivering progress to the people and the country. Speaking at the meeting on Thursday, Xi emphasized that the people's congress system is a political system of great significance not only in the history of China's political development, but also that of the world.

Seeded in the political, social and cultural soil of a China embarking on the road to modernization, China's whole-process people's democracy has thrived by proving its worth. And it continues to evolve, displaying great advantages, vitality and potential.

As Xi observed on Thursday, "Democracy is not for decoration, but for solving problems that the people need to solve." By staying connected to the people, observing their concerns and pooling their wisdom, democracy in China is able to solve problems that the people need to solve.

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