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Tuesday, June 02, 2020, 02:26
Optimism for Hong Kong’s future is fully justified
By Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 02, 2020, 02:26 By Staff Writer

A campaign rallying public support for the proposed national security legislation for Hong Kong had collected nearly 3 million signatures of local residents by noon on Monday.  The campaign was launched on May 24. That the number has kept growing and reached 3 million within a few day suggests at least one thing: Hong Kong people increasingly realize the need to make their voices known to the world — in the face of a hysterical outburst by Washington politicians and biased media over the proposed law — that the city needs a national security law to ensure its security and stability, as does any other place.

Washington politicians and their like-minded peers in foreign capitals have claimed they would stand with Hong Kong people. If they really meant it, they should now end their toxic rhetoric and withdraw their threat of sanctions.

The fact is, these foreign politicians do not care about Hong Kong people’s well-being. Their hysterical outburst was not triggered by any concern for Hong Kong’s “democracy”, “rights” or “freedom”. They are outraged because they are soon going to lose an excellent base from where they have launched infiltration and subversion operations against the Chinese mainland with their own agents or with local proxies.     

Washington politicians should now realize their threat of sanctions will not work. Over the past week, new residential projects launched by Hong Kong property developers have been selling well. No signs of unusual capital outflows have been observed over the past two weeks. The Hang Seng Index surged more than 770 points, or 3.4 percent, on Monday — the first day of trade after Washington issued its threat of sanctions.    

Investors and homebuyers have reason to be optimistic about Hong Kong’s future. The proposed national security legislation will ensure social and political stability for the city by stamping out political zealots who have been holding the interests of Hong Kong people hostage for political ransom over the past two decades. 

The new law will remove the political uncertainty perpetuated by separatists and the proxies and pawns of foreign hostile forces. It will help create a more- conducive environment for business operations. Hong Kong will be able to liberate itself from unending political bickering. This will allow the SAR government to focus on economic development as well as tackling deep-seated social problems that have plagued society.

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