China Daily

Architect of change

Indonesian transforming China’s healthcare industry by helping to build a world-class hospital in Shanghai.

19 June, 2017

Fintech visionary

Financial technology industry leader believes Australia can be a major player in this increasingly China-led sector.

12 June, 2017

A prince for peace

Think-tank founder and Cambodian royalty is a strong advocate of dialogue and diplomacy to achieve stability in the region.

05 June, 2017

The jingle that tells the story

Towngas — HK’s pioneering utility — is probably unrivaled in the city’s corporate history. Managing Director Alfred Chan Wing-kin tells Duan Ting how the enterprise has sunk its roots here over a century and a half.

23 June, 2017

Fostering deep trust through crises

Legal firm executive Henry Nassau says one of the secrets fueling the company’s growth is its ability to nurture strong ties with clients through thick and thin.

16 June, 2017

Keeping the bright light glowing

Asset investment guru Chen Shuang’s gamble has paid off. He tells Evelyn Yu the overseas unit of mainland conglomerate Everbright Group has now found itself synonymous with the trade.

09 June, 2017
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