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Big cats' droppings help German circus weather coronavirus crisis

One creature’s droppings can be another’s treasure, as Germany’s Krone Circus is finding out during the new coronavirus pandemic.

August 11, 2020

Tokyo scare squad offers drive-in horror shows amid virus fears

Kowagarasetai is starting a run of drive-in horror shows for people who are scared of catching the coronavirus but still want to get close-up frights from ghouls and zombies.

July 04, 2020

Boris Johnson warns 'fat' Britons that they must lose weight

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ditching his libertarian instincts and considering state interventions to tackle the UK's high obesity levels.

June 29, 2020

Dutch drink offenders to get teetotal tag to keep them dry

Soon people in the Netherlands convicted of crimes related to alcohol abuse will have to wear a special ankle bracelet to monitor their drinking habits.

June 15, 2020