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‘I am uncorrupted’ notice makes Indian official popular online

Amid India’s fight against corruption, a local company official has become popular overnight for his unique campaign.

December 05, 2019

Japanese activists urge changes to anti-harassment code

Yumi Ishikawa's feet bled after a day in the high heels required by her job, a memory that led her to demand that forcing women to wear certain items be treated as workplace harassment.

December 03, 2019

Dhaka gasping for fresh air

Brick kilns were identified as the single largest source of air pollution in Dhaka city, with 50 percent of the total pollution attributed to those.

December 01, 2019

Iran protests point to turmoil in the future

In Iran, there seems to be an acknowledgment of one fact after widespread protests following a spike in govt-set gasoline prices: This will not be the last time demonstrators come out on the street.

November 29, 2019