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Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 17:53
Bold party organizer skips university
By Matthew Pang Hin-shun
Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 17:53 By Matthew Pang Hin-shun

Le Lumière Events, a one-stop organizing services, hopes to spread joy and connect people through personalized events. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

When the philosophical examination question "is university essential to success?" is being raised, perhaps some of us could boldly answer with a “no” on the paper. But do we really have the courage to skip the seemingly necessary tertiary education to pursue our own dream? Leanne Lam, a 20-year-old co-founder of party-organizing company Le Lumiere Event answers the question.

Le Lumiere event

Le Lumiere Event provides one-stop party-organizing services. Le Lumiere, “the light” in French, hopes clients can have a moment to shine in the event the firm organizes. 

“We provide a wide range of services, starting from idea development, finding a suitable venue for the event, decoration, setting the theme for the party, video recording, video processing, making some hand-made souvenirs, providing food and beverage for the event and so on,” Lam said.

The company is not focusing on nightlife style parties. Instead they provide grand events with high artistic value. 

Lam said competition in the market is tough. “We, as a young team, face challenges such as the lack of network and experience.” 

But in Lam’s eyes, youth is also their biggest weapon as she thinks it brings creativity to the company. “Our staff members are mostly fresh graduates and university students under an internship program. They really bring innovative ideas to the market. One time we sent out invitation cards to a company. The invitation card is a balloon. The recipients would see the text of the invitation card after they blew up the balloon. Many of them said the idea is cool and creative.”

The 20-year-old CEO

Lam discovered her interest in event planning from her experience as a chairperson in an interschool singing contest. “The singing contest allows me to understand how the event planning company operates and expand my social network in the industry. So, when the idea (starting up Le Lumiere Event) hits me, the company turns from a concept into reality.” 

Investment in the company came from her own savings and loans from her family. When facing judgments such as “no success without a wealthy dad”, Lam looks on financial support from her family as a starting point. “Without any effort put in the business, it could never run on track,” Lam said. 

The financial investment 

Lam estimated the pay-back period would be within five years.

The minimum charge for their services is HK$20,000. “This is the price of the whole service. You may purchase independent services to match your budget,” Lam said.

The business of Le Lumiere is worldwide. Before Lam quit university, she studied in Paris. This enlarged her social network there. “Sometimes when my friends in France want to organize some events, they may find me for help.” Meanwhile, some of their staff members are now stationed in London. 

Most of the investment went into rental costs and production of their own decorations. Lam said creating the final product involved trial and error.

When asked what motivated her to continue her business, Lam said inspiration from some successful startup founders and support from her friends and family were huge driving forces for her.

Le Lumiere Event plans to launch a blog soon. They have reached an agreement with several talented millennials, including some young artists and singers, to become their bloggers. Le Lumiere Event wishes the platform can raise the popularity of their company and at the same time give these talents opportunities to share their stories with others.  

Other than that, Le Lumiere Event also possesses another business line in selling home furnishings.

The life investment

To Lam, the value of university differs among people. “It really depends on what paths you want to take. If you want to study subjects like medicine and law, of course you need to go to the university. But I clearly know my path and the destination I am going to. So, for me, university is not necessary.”

Live music is being played at a networking event with co-working space WeWork. (PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)

Inspired by other startup founders, Lam said some of these people do not have a solid educational background but still carve their way out. She hopes she can become one of them. 

Lam said even outside university, they can acquire knowledge through self-learning.

When she is questioned about whether she would be afraid of being labelled as an “uneducated” person, she said society is now very open-minded. “Being average in studying doesn’t mean I must be an average person. A person without a university degree does not mean he or she must be some bad people.”

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