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Thursday, June 20, 2019, 23:54
HK needs unity and stability, not chaos
By Staff Writer
Thursday, June 20, 2019, 23:54 By Staff Writer

Many Hong Kong residents expressed hope through multiple channels including social media for the situation in the special administrative region to return to normal as soon as possible since the SAR government had suspended the legislative process of the fugitive law amendment bill on Saturday. As always, the central government stands firmly behind the HKSAR government and Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor in governing Hong Kong in accordance with the law. Hong Kong society in general clearly wants unity, stability and development instead of division, confrontation and chaos. It is safe to say the people of Hong Kong do not support those bent on paralyzing the SAR government and Legislative Council. It is in the best interests of Hong Kong society to end confrontation and chaos now. Constructive discussions on issues should only be done in a rational manner; radicalism can achieve nothing but chaos.

Unfortunately the opposition camp has ignored the popular wishes far too often and defied public wishes for peaceful development yet again. According to news reports on Thursday, some radical groups planned or threatened to storm government offices in the next couple of days. People have reasons to worry that violent clashes could break out between the “assault teams” and riot police, because the latter will no doubt stop anyone from storming government offices. Since the opposition has refused to give up its unjustifiable demands, the advertised plans to storm government offices may very well be its way of inviting decisive repulsion by the law enforcement authorities. That means it still wants to risk their followers’ safety just for its own satisfaction.

Also at stake is Hong Kong’s economy. The violent scenes witnessed over the past two weekends have taken a toll on the city’s asset markets. Prolonged political wrangling could further undermine investor confidence, causing damage to the real economy to the detriment of citizens’ well-belling. It is unethical for the opposition camp to keep exploiting social disputes to promote their own narrow partisan interests.

They tried the exact the same strategy during the illegal “Occupy Central” movement in 2014, and learned quickly that the public hated it. This time it may not take Hong Kong society that long to tell them enough is enough. The business community, including foreign companies based in Central, has no good reasons to tolerate such abusive behavior all the way, even though certain Western governments led by Washington keep supporting their campaigns. 

Hong Kong residents generally have nothing to gain and everything to lose if they allow the opposition camp to continue to harm their livelihoods in this way.

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