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Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 20:36
Beijing urges US not to interfere in Hong Kong affairs
By chinadailyasia.com
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 20:36 By chinadailyasia.com

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang takes a question during a press briefing in Beijing, China, June 11, 2019. (PHOTO / FMPRC.GOV.CN)

HONG KONG - The central government opposed irresponsible comments from the US side on Hong Kong's amendments of the extradition law, and urged foreign countries not to interfere in the special administrative regions's affairs, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Tuesday.

China deplores and firmly opposes the irresponsible and erroneous comments on the amendments and other Hong Kong affairs made by the US side

 Geng Shuang, spokesman, Foreign Ministry, China

Geng made the remarks when asked at a press briefing about US' concerns over the amendments, saying such a move could jeopardize the special status of Hong Kong. 

"China deplores and firmly opposes the irresponsible and erroneous comments on the amendments and other Hong Kong affairs made by the US side," Geng said.

He urged the US to view the relevant amendments in a fair and just manner, exercise caution in its words and deeds, and stop in whatever form interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China's domestic affairs.

The spokesman said the central government will continue to support the SAR government in advancing the amendments.

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He said the SAR government has been gathering opinions on the amendment from all sectors in Hong Kong, and had modified the draft twice in response to the views and suggestions. 

"I'd like to bring to your attention that since the return of Hong Kong, policies including 'one country, two systems', 'Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong' and a high degree of autonomy have been earnestly implemented," Geng said.

Hong Kong has been consistently rated by international institutions as one of the freest economies and most competitive regions in the world, he said, adding that Hong Kong people's rights and freedoms have been fully guaranteed.

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A spokesperson from the Commissioner's Office of the Foreign Ministry in the HKSAR also deplored US interference in Hong Kong affairs. 

Since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the "one country, two systems" policy has been faithfully implemented, the spokesperson said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

"As the HKSAR Government has repeatedly emphasized, the amendments of the two ordinances are aimed at plugging legal loopholes, upholding social justice and improving the rule of law in Hong Kong. The proposed amendments are in line with international law and international common practices," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson urged the United States to stop making irresponsible remarks that are inconsistent with facts, stop intervening in the normal legislative process of the SAR, and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China's domestic affairs as a whole.

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