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Sunday, September 08, 2019, 20:04
Riotous radicals run amok on Hong Kong Island
Sunday, September 08, 2019, 20:04 By

HONG KONG – There is no respite in violence the Asian business hub have been witnessing since early June despite the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill. Sunday marked another weekend when the city witnessed widespread chaos throughout the business district on the Hong Kong Island as the mobs targeted subway stations.

They pried bricks from the ground, threw those into the stations, removed roadside iron railings, and set fire to objects they gathered. They broke windows, damaged the interior and even set alight an exit of the Central MTR station.

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The vandalism continued from Saturday night when the violent radicals clashed with the law enforcers at several subway stations as the protests entered the 14th weekend. 

10:00 pm: Radicals back in Causeway Bay

A large number of protesters were seen back on the streets in the Causeway Bay shopping district. They chanted slogans which became popular during the three-month protest. 

7:26 pm: Protesters change

Some protesters were seen changing their dresses to avoid arrest following clashes in Causeway Bay. Some were seen holding umbrellas not to show their faces.

7:23 pm: Carriageways blocked in Causeway Bay

A large group of protestors have blocked carriageways on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay. Police have deployed tear gas and used appropriate force to disperse protestors.

Police asked people to leave the area immediately.

7:20 pm: Hiding in church

Police officers rushed in after demonstrators hid in a church at Causeway Bay.

7:09 pm: Tear gas at Causeway Bay

Police fired tear gas in Causeway Bay to disperse the violent mobs.

6:55 pm: Traffic lights smashed at Wan Chai

Several protesters were seen vandalizing traffic lights with iron poles in the Wan Chai district. Some of them were wearing yellow helmets and masks.

6:53 pm: Wan Chai Police Station report room services suspended

In a statement, police announced temporary suspension of the report room services of Wan Chai Police Station. Police appealed to members of the public not to obstruct the emergency vehicles access so as to avoid affecting the emergency services provided to the public. 

In case of emergency, call 999. 

6:50 PM: Causeway bay MTR being protected

Police in riot gears have taken positions around the Causeway bay MTR station following attacks at Central and Wan Chai stations.

6:42 pm: Wan Chai station closed

The MTR Corporation closed the Wan Chai subway station follwing vandalism.

6:35 pm: Vandalism at Wan Chai station

A large number of protesters thronged Wan Chai subway station and vandalized facilities.

6:26 pm: Police disperse protesters at Central, Admiralty 

In a statement, police said large group of protestors gathered in Central and Admiralty areas.  They set fire at multiple locations in Central, damaged facilities of Central MTR station, and causing obstruction to the traffic.

“After repeated but futile warnings, in face of the situation, police officers are using appropriate force to disperse protestors,” says the statement.

A fire set by protesters burns at an entrance to the Central MTR subway station in Hong Kong, Sept 8, 2019. (PHOTO / CHINA DAILY)

5:45 pm: Protesters set fire outside Central station

Some protestors vandalized the exits of Central MTR station. They gathered items and set fire at exit K of the station as it remain closed.

5:35 pm: March towards Admiralty

A group of protestors headed towards Admiralty, and gathered outside Admiralty MTR Station.

5:30 pm: Fire at Pedder Street

A group of protestors blocked the carriageways at Connaught Road Central near the City Hall in Central, paralyzing the traffic, said police.

A group of radical protestors set fire at the junction of Pedder Street and Des Voeux Road Central.

5:09 pm: Vandalism at Central station

Violent protesters smashed the glass at some exits of the Central subway station. They sprayed protest slogans at several locations.

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4:30 pm: Central station closed

At around 4pm, the MTR Corporation announced temporary suspension of the Central station due to violence.

“Trains on the Tsuen Wan Line and Island Line will not stop at the station,” an MTR message read. It advised passengers to interchange at Admiralty Station for the Tsuen Wan Line/Island Line.

4 pm: US national anthem played

Hundreds of protesters, many black-clad, marched towards the US consulate. While waving US flags, the radical protesters sought US help in realizing their demands and played the US national anthem.

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