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Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 17:35
Japan's Kobe Steel scrambles as US, EU look into faked data
By Associated Press
Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 17:35 By Associated Press

Kobe Steel Group's logo is seen in Tokyo Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017. The Japanese government is urging steelmaker Kobe Steel to clarify the extent of manipulation of data on steel, aluminum and other metals used in a wide range of products, reportedly including rockets, aircraft and cars. A government spokesman on Wednesday, criticized the apparently widespread falsification of data as "inappropriate," saying it could undermine product safety. (KYODO NEWS via AP)

TOKYO - Japan's Kobe Steel says it is working to determine the full extent of faked inspections data for its products, as US and European agencies launch inquiries into the problem.
The metals and equipment maker said late Tuesday that it would "sincerely cooperate" with a US Department of Justice investigation into Kobe Steel products that may not meet specifications.
The European Aviation Safety has advised companies to review their supply chains for Kobe Steel products. It said it had contacted Japanese authorities about the issue.
Japan's Mainichi newspaper and other local media, citing former Kobe Steel workers, have reported the problems began more than 30 years ago.
The company has acknowledged the fudging of inspections data might have begun up to a decade ago and affected more than 500 customers.

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