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Monday, September 03, 2018, 13:06
President Xi meets with African leaders
By China Daily
Monday, September 03, 2018, 13:06 By China Daily


China welcomes Seychelles' active participation in Belt and Road construction by giving full play to its favorable geographic location, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Seychelles President Danny Faure.

China supports Seychelles in independently taking a development path suitable to its own national conditions, and it is willing to maintain close exchanges with Seychelles, enhance political mutual trust and engage in cooperation in the fields of people's livelihoods, infrastructure, tourism and maritime economy, Xi said.

China is aware of the multiple challenges Seychelles faces as a small island nation and is ready to increase South-South cooperation with the country on tackling climate change, Xi said.

Faure said Seychelles is ready to enhance communication with China on governance, use the joint building of the Belt and Road as a chance to conduct more bilateral cooperation, support each other in international affairs and lift bilateral ties to a new height.


China is willing to jointly develop the Belt and Road with Benin to make it a new bond between the two countries with ancient civilizations, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Beninese President Patrice Talon.

Saying that the 21st century is the century of Asia and Africa, Xi added that Africa has huge development potential and that the African lion is set to make a roaring comeback and sprint forward in the new era.

Having made progress in its own development, China will work more firmly with African countries to support and help each other, seek common development and build a closer community of a shared future, he said.

Xi said China is willing to exchange governance experiences and improve people-to-people ties with Benin.

Talon said the Chinese people, led by Xi, are advancing toward the goal of national rejuvenation. He said China's successful experiences are worth learning from and China's support and help is of great value.

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China cherishes the traditional friendship between the two countries and is willing to work with Guinea on Belt and Road construction to deepen that friendship and turn it into fruitful cooperation, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Guinean President Alpha Conde.

Noting that Guinea was the first sub-Saharan country to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, Xi said the comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership between the two countries has developed rapidly.

Xi also called on the two countries to maintain close communication and coordination on issues such as safeguarding the multilateral trade system and peace and security in Africa so as to protect the common interests of the two countries and all developing countries.

Conde said Guinea values its participation in Belt and Road construction and hopes the initiative will boost connectivity in energy and telecommunications and contribute to the industrialization of Africa.

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China is willing to step up win-win cooperation and people-to-people exchanges with Malawi and support its capacity-building for peace and security, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Malawian President Peter Mutharika.

Xi said bilateral cooperation has brought tangible benefits to the people since the two countries established diplomatic relations 11 years ago, which fully proves that the establishment of diplomatic ties was the correct strategic decision.

The irresistible trend of the one-China principle conforms to the times, Xi said.

China is willing to continue deepening political mutual trust with Malawi and strengthen the exchange of governance experiences, Xi said, stressing the importance of insisting on independence, reform and opening-up, and a development path suited to its national conditions.

Mutharika said African countries appreciate China's policies toward the continent and are willing to strengthen the exchange of ideas and experiences with China.


China has helped promote Liberia's peace process and will continue to stand up and speak for Liberia in multilateral institutions, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Liberian President George Weah.

Xi said China is ready to strengthen cooperation with Liberia in areas including poverty alleviation, agriculture, infrastructure construction and health.

Xi said China appreciates the firm and clear-cut position of Weah and Liberia's new government on the one-China principle, adding that the two countries should continue to show mutual understanding and support each other on issues involving their respective core interests and concerns.

Xi said Weah, a retired world-class soccer star who is widely popular among Chinese fans, should give play to his influence and promote bilateral exchanges in sports and youth.

Weah said the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries has brought tangible benefits to the Liberian people. Liberia supports and is willing to take part in Belt and Road cooperation.


China is ready to work with Zambia to uphold the fine tradition of friendship and cooperation and promote bilateral ties with a strategic and long-term view, said President Xi Jinping when meeting with Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

Stressing that Zambia was the first country in southern Africa to establish diplomatic ties with China, Xi said the Chinese government and people have always had special and friendly feelings toward Zambia.

Xi urged the two sides to further work together to revitalize the Tanzania-Zambia Railway in the new era.

Based on construction of economic cooperation zones, the two countries should deepen cooperation, expand people-to-people exchanges, and devote efforts to plan and prepare for activities marking the 55th anniversary of the establishment of China-Zambia ties next year, Xi said.

Lungu expressed Zambia's willingness to join China in building the Belt and Road and expand cooperation under the FOCAC framework.


While meeting with Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, President Xi Jinping said China is ready to help Mozambique accelerate industrialization and agricultural modernization to achieve sustainable self-development.

Xi said China firmly supports Mozambique in choosing a development path in line with its national conditions and stands ready to deepen exchanges in governance and development experiences.

China supports Mozambique in its efforts to pursue social and economic development and improve people's livelihoods, and it welcomes Mozambique to take an active part in the Belt and Road Initiative, Xi added.

He spoke of the need for China and Mozambique to advance key cooperative projects, innovate models of cooperation and strengthen exchanges in education, culture and media.

Nyusi said he believes FOCAC's Beijing Summit will advance mutually beneficial cooperation between China and African countries and Mozambique is ready to expand cooperation with China in areas including trade and agriculture, he added.


China welcomes Gabon to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative and hopes the two countries will strengthen cooperation in areas including infrastructure, energy and minerals and agriculture, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba.

He said China is ready to work with Gabon to facilitate the early realization of the goals of the "Gabon Emergent" strategic plan.

He said China and Gabon should expand exchanges between governments, political parties and legislative bodies and step up efforts to share experiences in state governance.

China firmly supports Gabon's independent development path and opposes external interference, Xi said.

Gabon is grateful to China for helping it accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization, Bongo said, adding that the country is willing to participate in the BRI and expand cooperation with China in fields like infrastructure, health and human resources.


While meeting with Comoran President Azali Assoumani, President Xi Jinping said China is willing to align the Belt and Road Initiative with the 2030 Development Plan for Emerging Economies of Comoros and continue to provide assistance to the best of its ability for Comoros to achieve self-reliant and sustainable development.

Noting that China was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Comoros, Xi said bilateral ties have since developed smoothly in a model of equal treatment, solidarity and cooperation among big and small countries.

China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Comoros in all areas within the framework of the FOCAC and the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, and raise bilateral ties to a higher level, Xi said.

Comoros firmly upholds the one-China policy and supports China in realizing national reunification, Azali said, adding that the BRI will be helpful for Africa and China to achieve win-win cooperation.


China welcomes Sudan to use the building of the Belt and Road to make new progress in bilateral energy cooperation and develop new cooperative models in the agricultural industrial chain, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Xi said Sudan has important influence in Africa and the Arab world, and China firmly supports Sudan's efforts to safeguard sovereignty, security and stability and oppose foreign intervention in its domestic affairs.

China also appreciates efforts by the Sudanese president to encourage different sides in South Sudan to sign a comprehensive peace agreement, Xi said. China also is ready to work with Sudan to contribute to the peace and stability of South Sudan, he said.

Al-Bashir said Sudan supports building an even closer community of a shared future for China and Africa. He also thanked China for supporting peace and stability in Africa and expressed willingness to enhance pragmatic cooperation and coordination in international and regional affairs.


China and Namibia should push forward cooperation in areas including infrastructure and production capacity under the framework of jointly building the Belt and Road and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Namibian President Hage Geingob.

Xi said the two countries should seek greater alignment in development strategies, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and step up cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

As Geingob paid a state visit to China in March, Xi said China is willing to maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges with Namibia and enhance communication and coordination in regional and international affairs.

Geingob said Namibia firmly adheres to the one-China principle, and speaks highly of the Belt and Road Initiative, which will benefit the interconnectivity between regions including Asia, Africa and Europe as well as the industrialization of Africa.


China and Mauritius should strengthen mutual political trust and conduct win-win cooperation, President Xi Jinping said while meeting with Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

The two sides should give full play to the political role of high-level exchanges and continue to provide each other mutual understanding and support on issues related to core interests and major concerns, Xi said.

Xi said his visit to Mauritius over a month ago has given him a keen feeling that the bilateral friendship boasts promising prospects.

China will continue to support Mauritius to play an active role in international and regional affairs, and support small island countries in their implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Jugnauth said Mauritius firmly supports multilateralism and is willing to enhance cooperation with China over international and regional affairs. He said Mauritius is undergoing economic transformation and would like to learn from China's experience in development.

Equatorial Guinea

China welcomes Equatorial Guinea to jointly develop the Belt and Road and supports Chinese companies to engage in the country's infrastructure construction, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

As reliable partners and brothers, Xi said, the two countries have continuously brought new vitality to their comprehensive cooperative partnership.

He called for deepening the exchange of experience in governance and party-building, and supporting each other on issues involving core interests and major concerns.

China will also support Equatorial Guinea in such areas as human resources development, education, healthcare and tourism, to help the country realize its 2020 development plan, Xi said.

Obiang said his country highly values developing relations with China and is willing to learn from China's development experience, deepen mutual beneficial cooperation and continue close coordination in international and regional affairs.


China stands ready to work with African countries, including Senegal, to maintain and develop the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to help further the China-Africa comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Senegalese President Macky Sall.

Xi said building a closer China-Africa community bears great significance for realizing common development and boosting unity and cooperation among developing countries, as well as promoting a community with a shared future for mankind.

During Xi's state visit to Senegal in July, the two presidents witnessed the signing of the cooperative document on jointly building the Belt and Road, China's first such deal with a West African country.

Sall said China has always understood, respected and supported Africa, which is in need of investment and development in the new era. He said African countries will not be interrupted in pursuing China-Africa cooperation.


President Xi Jinping said China and Mauritania should use joint construction of the Belt and Road as a new starting point, and innovate and promote cooperation in key areas including infrastructure.

Hailing the China-Mauritania relationship as an example of China's relations with Africa and developing countries, Xi told Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz that China regards Mauritania as a sincere and reliable friend and partner.

China thanked Mauritania for its support in issues that involve China's core interests and major concerns, and will continue to support Mauritania's efforts to maintain stability and seek development, he said.

Xi said that China praised the positive role the Mauritanian president has played in fighting terrorism and maintaining stability in the region.

Abdel Aziz said his country speaks highly of China's adherence to multilateralism and its contribution to world peace and security. He said Mauritania firmly supports the one-China principle.


China and Angola should work together to advance their strategic partnership to a new stage, President Xi Jinping said while meeting with Angolan President Joao Lourenco.

China stands ready to strengthen communications with Angola's ruling party as well as exchange state governance experience, deepen cooperation and intensify coordination on major international issues, Xi said.

China is willing to align the Belt and Road Initiative with Angola's strategy of diversifying its economy and will continue to support Angola in developing major projects with no political strings attached, Xi said.

Lourenco said he appreciated China's contribution to Angola in his country's rebuilding and its socioeconomic development. He added that his country adheres to the one-China principle and is ready to deepen political trust and bilateral cooperation.

China always stands ready to provide assistance to African countries when they are in need, playing a crucial role in peace and development of the continent, Lourenco said.


China stands ready to strengthen exchanges with Djibouti, including those between governments, legislatures and political parties, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

The two countries should enhance mutual learning in governance and development and deepen people-to-people cooperation to consolidate the friendship between the two peoples, Xi said.

The signing of a cooperation document on the Belt and Road between China and Djibouti will inject fresh impetus for cooperation, he said.

China is ready to enhance communication and coordination with Djibouti in regional and international affairs like climate change and safeguarding the common interests of two countries, Xi said.

Calling Djibouti China's trustworthy friend, Guelleh said his country appreciates China's assistance, and is ready to actively take part in the Belt and Road Initiative while pushing for diversified economic development.


China supports Ethiopia in taking a development path that meets its own national conditions and appreciates the country's participation in jointly developing the Belt and Road, President Xi Jinping said when meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

Xi said Ethiopia is an important cooperation partner and the two countries have upgraded their relationship to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

China is willing to continue the momentum of high-level exchanges with Ethiopia, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and support each other on issues involving core interests and major concerns, he said.

Xi also said Beijing will keep close communication and coordination with Addis Ababa on regional and international affairs, and safeguard their common interests.

Abiy said China's help is crucial for his country to realize economic transformation and achieve success. Ethiopia is willing to deepen bilateral ties and actively participate in jointly building the Belt and Road, he added.

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